KING is the world’s largest and most popular flipchart created for Trainers.
Unique: foldable and portable.
100% Italian product.
Its panel is giant and double-wide providing the landscape vision.
Lightweight and sturdy to travel.
Fast 2 Minute Set-up: it takes only a few steps to quickly set-up and begin using: no tools needed.
Ideal for meetings, training, presentations and more.

1,315.00 + VAT*

VAT only for EU B2C
KING’s used from Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Russell Brunson, Jeff Walker, Eric Worre, Dan Lok, Dean Graziosi, Grant Cardone and Frank Kern!


Technical Info

KING Flipchart: the unique professional, foldable, portable, with the double-wide landscape panoramic panel.
Next to the Top Authorities.
KING Flipchart is foldable and lightweight for easy installation and carrying: you can put it into your vehicle, it’s very convenient.
Also, it’s easy pack up, totally space saver for events, home and office.

Height: 178 cm (5.84 ft)
Width when open: 120X100 cm (47.28×39,4 inches )
Width when closed: 60x100x6 cm (23.64×39.4×2.36 inches )
Weight: less than 10 kg. (22 pounds)
You can easily transport KING in a Smart for2!


The Giant KING Flipchart
The set of paper pads, 4 huge pads!
The elegant carry case for the flipchart
The awesome bag for moving the paper pads
The pouch for the markers, for having them always available (the markers are not included)

Do you think you don’t need the carry cases?

The product you need is the Academy Set!
KING Flipchart detail of the spring connecting the two parts of the legs for their opening and closing
KING - showing the rear view of the paper pad holder
KING - Paperless front view
KING - Detail of the sliding fastener to secure the legs
KING - Detail of the sliding fastener to open and close the legs
KING - The KING Flipchart and the paper pads are safe in their cases
KING - Carrying the flipchart and the paper pads is easy and comfy
KING - Detail of the paper pad holder
KING - Detail of the rear view of the leg
KING - Detail of the hinge and the band that holds the legs
KING - Detail rear view: the sliding plate blocks the leg when open
KING - KING Flipchart the EXCLUSIVE Set. You get everything needed for your trainings and presentations.


1,315.00 + VAT*

It’s time you order your KING Flipchart now! Avoid using conventional flipcharts because they don’t highlight your prestige!

Richiedi informazioni


The KING board is powder-coated and can be cleaned using a non-abrasive cloth (e.g. a microfibre cloth).
Any surface or glass cleaner will do.
You may use denatured alcohol in the case of persistent stains (e.g. marker ink).
DO NOT use solvents or thinners such as acetone, nitro and turpentine as they can damage the surface.

You can only find KING here on
We have no resellers and do not rely on Amazon or other marketplaces.
It is a product of our own creation and we deal directly with customers.

The bags are not padded and serve only to carry the KING and the paper blocks.
With the bags it will be easy to load the board and paper into the car on the way to your location.
They are not suitable if you have to entrust KING to a courier or as air luggage.
We recommend keeping the packaging with which we supply you with KING: you can reuse it several times and the board will be protected.

In Italy we supply the Academy and Exclusive Sets and the complimentary Paper Set.
The cost of direct shipping abroad is charged directly in the shopping cart.

Of course!
For B2B sales, you will have to fill in the form indicating the SDI code of your company.
We will issue the electronic invoice, which you will find in your tax drawer.
Our invoices are headed CENTO PER CENTO IDEA SRL
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