About KING products

You can only find KING here on flipchart.it
We have no resellers and do not rely on Amazon or other marketplaces.
It is a product of our own creation and we deal directly with customers.

The KING board is powder-coated and can be cleaned using a non-abrasive cloth (e.g. a microfibre cloth).
Any surface or glass cleaner will do.
You may use denatured alcohol in the case of persistent stains (e.g. marker ink).
DO NOT use solvents or thinners such as acetone, nitro and turpentine as they can damage the surface.

The bags are not padded and serve only to carry the KING and the paper blocks.
With the bags it will be easy to load the board and paper into the car on the way to your location.
They are not suitable if you have to entrust KING to a courier or as air luggage.
We recommend keeping the packaging with which we supply you with KING: you can reuse it several times and the board will be protected.

Thanks to the bags, the transport of KING and the pads in your is comfortable and easy.

No assembly or utensil needed.
KING is already assembled.
It installs in minutes: the only operations needed are the folding and the collapsing.

Positively yes!
Every part of the flipchart can be easily replaced by simply using a 7 mm wrench or an allen wrench.
Anyone, with a minimum of manual skills can intervene.
If a part should be damaged, just inform us and we will handle the repair/replacement.

In Italy we supply the Academy and Exclusive Sets and the complimentary Paper Set.
The cost of direct shipping abroad is charged directly in the shopping cart.

Of course!
For B2B sales, you will have to fill in the form indicating the SDI code of your company.
We will issue the electronic invoice, which you will find in your tax drawer.
Our invoices are headed CENTO PER CENTO IDEA SRL
For B2C sales, you will need to provide us with your tax code to issue an invoice.

Accepted payments

For 100% IDEA orders you can pay by credit card via PAYPAL or STRIPE or by WIRE TRANSFER.

The prices in our shop are in euros.

To pay by credit card, you have to choose ‘PayPal’ as the payment option, and then, on the PayPal screen, click on ‘Don’t have a PayPal account?’.
In fact, thanks to PayPal you can pay with your credit card even if you are not registered with PayPal!
We chose to use this platform also for credit card payments because it is the safest in the world (in fact, with PayPal your data will not be transferred to 100% IDEA in any way).

On the other hand, if you wish to pay with your PayPal account, simply enter your username and password on the PayPal screen (these details will also not be transferred to 100% IDEA in any way).

Click to read PayPal’s Terms and Conditions 

Stripe is an external platform for online payments that accepts payments by debit, charge card or credit card. It is a secure and fast solution: payments are processed almost instantly.

To learn more about Stripe, visit www.stripe.com

If you choose this solution, please email us a copy of the account as soon as you have done so.
Write to flipchart@100x100idea.it
After confirmation of the credit we will process your order.
If you wish to pay by bank transfer, you can find our bank details here:

IBAN: IT64Y0326830382052244287520

For any details or clarification, please contact us at +39370 304 9754 or write to order@flipchart.it


In Italy we ship the day after receipt of payment.
The courier takes 24/48 hours to deliver the order, depending on the destination.
So within a few days you receive the goods!
The availability of the product is indicated on each product sheet, but may vary depending on the processing times of our suppliers. In fact, production times may vary slightly.
The delivery time starts upon receipt of payment.

We suggest choosing air freight.
We use DHL and their service is very good, within 1 to 3 days the material is delivered to its destination.
Shipments by truck can take 5 to 7 days.

When the carrier delivers the goods you must check:

check that the number of packages indicated on the invoice or delivery document  correspond to the
number of the packages delivered.
Any disagreement  must be raised immediately to the carrier because otherwise  the goods are considered correctly delivered.

What to do in case of damage due to transport or suspected lack of products :

  1. Express a specific notification, or accept the delivery BUT sign the document of the carrier by writing “I accept with reservation” and indicate the reasons in detail.
  2. Reject the damaged goods if you are not allowed to accept with reservation or if the damage is visible without opening the packs.
  3. Without any written notification, it will not be possible to claim for damages or lacks.

Remember : you have the  right to keep the carrier waiting for a few minutes in order to check the conditions of the packaging.

If you have any problems, you can contact us via chat, telephone or e-mail.

Contact details:

Tel. +39 370 304975 e +39 328 9766697
E-mail: direzione@100x100idea.it