Terms of Delivery

All products purchased on flipchart.it are supplied directly from:

Legal Head Office
Via Barletta, 33
10136 TORINO – Italy
Via Trento, 54/B
16013 CAMPO LIGURE (Genova) – Italy

Phones: +39 370 3049754 e +39 328 9766697
E-mail: direzione@100x100idea.it

Fiscal Code and VAT Nr.: IT10779660017
Nr. REA TO – 1161369

This site, which is owned 100% IDEA SRL, is made for e-commerce in relation to private and business customers (Business to Consumer and Business to Business).

In compliance with national and international regulations that govern electronic commerce, our goal is to enable end users – potentially worldwide – to buy online the giant flipchart KING flipchart and its pertinent accessories.
Given that:
> The Customer declares and warrants: to be a consumer in accordance with art. 3 of the Consumer Code, which defines consumer-user the natural person acting for purposes unrelated to business or professional activity ; adult ; that the data supplied by the same for implementation of the Agreement are true and correct ; that , whenever he proceeds to a purchase has taken note of the General Terms and Conditions , the General Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy and the information on the right of withdrawal , set out below, by accepting them .
> The General Conditions of Sale are governed by the Italian law and in particular by Legislative Decree No 6 September 2005 Nr. 206, and successive modifications, on consumption, with specific reference to the legislation on distance contracts and by Legislative Decree 9 April 2003 Nr. 70 on certain aspects of electronic commerce .
The following General Conditions of Sale may be amended from 100% IDEA SRL, without notice , in consideration of possible regulatory changes . Any new Terms of Sale will be valid from the date of publication in flipchart.it and will apply to sales concluded after the new disclosure.
> The following General Conditions of Sale do not regulate the supply of services or sale of products by parties other than 100% IDEA SRL which are possibly present on the site www.flipchart.it through links, banners or other hypertext links.


The conditions of sale in force are deemed expressly accepted by the Customer in the moment when he completes, by following the relevant instructions , the order form online and sends it via internet  to 100% IDEA SRL

The order submitted by the Customer must be complete in all its parts. Failure or incorrect provision of data necessarily involves the inability to meet the obligations arising from the trading contract concluded.

The order, if completed in its entirety, and if accepted , will be filed in the database of  100% IDEA SRL for the period of time required to process it and as provided by law. Since an order may contain products of a different kind , (flipchart , relevant accessories and pads of paper replacement, etc. ), delivery times of the individual products that make the same order may be different .

For this reason, except as stipulated  below in clause Right of Withdrawal , the customer shall agree to accept even a possible delivery at different times, refusing to take any compensation and / or compensation.

100% IDEA SRL undertakes, in accordance with the law, to inform the customer about the unavailability of the product ordered and jointly, except as stipulated below in clause Returns, also undertakes to propose to the Customer reasonable alternatives .

100% IDEA SRL will send to the customer by email , for all the products purchased , an Order Summary. The Order Summary will contain the information about the products purchased , unit price and total , means of payment and transport costs.



The prices quoted for each item offered by 100% IDEA SRL on the site include packaging , but VAT and delivery costs are excluded.
100% IDEA SRL reserves the right to change the prices quoted in the pages of flipchart.it without notice.
In the case of increases in prices that occurred after the acquisition of unexecuted orders, 100% IDEA SRL will apply the prices fixed at the time of order.


If the shipment is sent to a country that is not part of the European Union, the goods will be subject to the imposition of customs duties and any sales taxes by the delegated authorities.
Duties and any taxes vary from country to country and are applied upon arrival of the products in the country of destination.
Please note that any additional charges referred to customs clearance operations must be considered exclusively on charge to the receiver of the shipment, to be paid by the Customer.
For information on to the amount of duties and any taxes, and the procedures for customs clearance of the goods, it is advisable to contact the competent Customs Offices (https://www.adm.gov.it/portale/dogane).


All orders are accepted only after the completion of the payment.
The payments are always inclusive of transport charges. 100% IDEA SRL accepts payments by bank transfer and by CREDIT CARDS (VISA, Mastercad, AMERICAN EXPRESS, MAIL PAY, AURA) and by PAYPAL.
In the case of payment by bank transfer, it’s requested the transmission of the payment reference number at order@flipchart.it

If paying by credit card, financial information (such as the number of credit card/ debit card or expiration date) will be sent by encrypted protocol to PAYPAL’s circuit or circuit IWSMILE of UBI BANCA, which provide electronic payment services at a distance, without third parties in any way have access. Such details will never be known by 100% IDEA SRL.

In the event that it may be necessary the refund because of a return of products  100% IDEA SRL will implement through the circuits all procedures necessary for the proper refund.
100% IDEA SRL will provide all fiscal documents with the goods delivered.


DELIVERY: Delivery by carrier, by truck.
DELIVERY TIME: With products available in stock, within 2 working days consignment to your home or office, or wherever you want.
NOTE : The delivery times given refer to the cities normally served, excluding islands and locations where the national carrier must use a local correspondent.
SHIPPING COST: The shipping costs are communicated at the checkout and automatically calculated based on the items chosen, the total weight and the place of delivery.

DELIVERY: Delivery by courier, by air or by truck.
DELIVERY TIME: With products available in stock, within 2/5  working days (depending if by air or by truck) consignment to your home or office, or wherever you want.
NOTE : The delivery times given refer to the cities normally served.
SHIPPING COST: The shipping costs are communicated at the checkout and automatically calculated based on the items chosen,  the total weight and the place of delivery.

DELIVERY: Delivery by courier, only by air.
DELIVERY TIME: With products available in stock , within 4/6 working days, delivery to your home or at your office , or anywhere you want.
NOTE : The delivery time refers to cities normally accessible.
SHIPPING COST: The shipping costs are communicated at the checkout and automatically calculated based on the items chosen, the total weight and the place of delivery.
The customer will support all charges referred to customs duties and/or extra expenses, accordingly to the rules of his own Country.
The shipment is insured.

OTHER NOTES FOR EVERYONE : Shipments are delivered on the roadside.
Costs of shipments are visible when completing the order form and at the checkout.
The delivery times indicated are for guidance only, provided that 100% IDEA SRL undertakes , except different specifications, to deliver the items to the carrier within a maximum of 3 working days from the issue date of the Order Confirmation.
Any information on tracking and estimated delivery date will be written to Customers via email.


Any transport damage must be reported to the carrier upon delivery and promptly notified by email to direzione@100x100idea.it direzione@100x100idea.it or to order@flipchart.it
Before signing the Courier’s delivery note, please check the number and condition of the packages.
In case of visible damage, sign with RESERVATION and indicate the specific reason (e.g.: missing package, damaged packaging, wet…)
If there is no RESERVATION noticed to the Courier, we will not be able to authorize any refund requests.


Complaints of any kind must be notified in writing, by email, within 8 (eight) days after the receipt of goods and clearly indicate all references ( product , order confirmation number , delivery note number , and number and invoice date etc.).
Returns , except as stipulated below in clause Returns must be previously authorized by email from 100% IDEA SRL under the conditions to be fixed from time to time.


100% IDEA SRL offers the legal warranty on all products.
The pictures of the products that 100% IDEA SRL shows in flipchart.it are purely for promoting the identification of the product by the customer.
The essential characteristics of each product are indicated by 100% IDEA SRL into the files in the site.
The images and colors of the products that 100% IDEA SRL offers may not exactly correspond to the real because it depends on which browser or monitor is used.
The colors and details shown in flipchart.it are indicative


100% IDEA SRL disclaims any liability in case of inappropriate use of the products or incorrect installation.
The assembly instructions are visible here.

100% IDEA SRL cannot be held liable for any damages, direct or indirect , suffered by the customer for the improper use of the product , incorrect installation, neglect, use of the product in unsuitable environments.