What some of the big names we have served over the years say about us:


Tony Robbins uses KING Flipchart
Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins' Team

We have received the new KING Flipcharts. Thank you so much for making this such an easy transaction in spite of the distance. We really appreciate all of your help.

Russell Brunson uses KING Flipchart
Russell Brunson
ClickFunnels and Russell Brunson' s Team

We want you to know that we received the KING Flipchart and LOVE it!

Frank Kern uses the giant KING Flipchart
Frank Kern

I got the idea from Russell Brunson watching him: “Hey dude where did you get this thing?”
He said “I caught it in Italy!”
So, we got KING Flipchart shipped over from Italy.
They’re good people in KING, thank you very much!

David Neagle uses the giant KING Flipchart
David Neagle
David Neagle's Team

We appreciate the quick turnaround time on the shipping.
The KING flipchart definitely puts other flipcharts to shame as it has such a professional presence.

Frank Benedetto uses the giant KING Flipchart
Frank Benedetto
The HoneyBadger Project

I love KING Flipchart … who knew anyone could love a flipchart!

Kevin Ward uses the huge KING Flipchart
Kevin Ward

This is the flipchart that I use.
It is the best.

Sir Marco Robinson uses KING Flipchart
Sir Marco Robinson
Award Winning Entrepreneur

KING Flipchart!
Your service is outstanding.
Love ya!

Bruno Nogueira Pinheiro uses the giant KING Flipchart
Bruno Nogueira Pinheiro
JB Educacional Ltda

For those working with education and trainings, KING FLIPCHART is the best choice.
Although KING is large, for transportation it’s small and practical. It is worth the investment and you can take it on your stages. Super suggested.

Marijke De Jong uses the huge KING Flipchart
Marijke de Jong
Straightness Training Academy

Thanks for the great product and the speedy delivery and attention to detail in the whole
process of getting it to us so quickly at the right place and time. The chart is awesome, and looks great during live broadcasts.
It’s good to have a KING.

Andy Harrington uses the giant KING Flipchart
Andy Harrington
Jet Set Speaker

A massive thank you.
Order received, have the KING packed away in his new home, looks great, much more professional.
Loving the paper carry case too. Thank you again for such an excellent service and turnaround.