What to do when the courier delivers.

When the courier delivers, you must check:

  1. That the package is intact, undamaged and in any case compliant with the standard characteristics of a package.
  2. That the number of packages indicated in our invoice corresponds to the number of packages actually delivered.

Any disputes must be immediately raised to the courier, in the absence of these the shipment is considered delivered correctly.

How to behave in the event of damage due to transport or suspicion of missing products:

  1. Express a specific reservation, i.e. you accept the delivery but sign the courier’s document writing “I accept with reservation” specifying the reasons in detail.
  2. Reject the damaged goods if it is not possible to accept them with reservation or if the damage is still visible without having to open the boxes.

Without a written reservation it will not be possible to claim for damages or shortcomings.

In case of disputes, write to us immediately at order@flipchart.it

Remember: you have all rights to make the courier wait a couple of minutes for checking the condition of the packaging!