KING Vista frontale della lavagna con carta applicata sul pannello KING - Il Set EXCLUSIVE composto da lavagna, blocchi carta, set di borse

Exclusive SET

academy SET


Find out why KING is the perfect Flipchart

It’s foldable, portable and elegant.

The handcrafted cases enable to carry KING wherever you want.
KING is expressly designed for those who meet their audience in hotels, gyms, outdoor and in videos. It’s the perfect tool for masterclasses.

KING is double-wide!

KING is double-wide in comparison to any other conventional flipchart.
The gigantic sheets grant a lot of space to write in a clear, neat and accurate way. Your audience will praise you!

Symbols are fundamental in communication

The President signs with a Montblanc.
The Doctor shows up with a lab coat and a stethoscope.
The Expert is authoritative with KING Flipchart.
Differentiate yourself from your competitors who settle for normal charts!

KING is the result of high technology and Italian passion for craftsmanship.

  • Lightweight, because it is entirely in aluminum.
  • Laser cut, CNC folded, powder coated.
  • Assembly by hand, 100% visual quality control.
  • No utensils are needed for the set-up.
  • The cases are produced by an artisan laboratory.
  • Made to measure paper, hand-packed pads.

Are you an Expert, Influencer, Speaker, Author, Trainer, Consultant, Advisor?

For Authorities, when it comes to get on a stage offline or online, it’s a matter of themselves and their own flipchart meeting the Audience. When it comes to flipcharts, the made in Italy KING is the First Top Brand in the whole world. In terms of craftsmanship, materials used, the attention paid to the design, the Flipchart KING for the Experts is second to no other.

In the past last years, the most successful and admired Influencers all over the world have decided to meet their Audiences with the Big Flipchart KING next to them. They’ve chosen KING Flipchart because they want to wholly live the impeccable experience.

KING is a the perfect tool for Professionals like no other.

  • Distinctive.
  • High-end.
  • Uniquely designed to impress.

If you are an Expert, Influencer, Speaker, Author, Trainer, Consultant, Advisor you should consider to enhance your presentations with KING next to you!

KING is the fastest way to Enhance your Prestige.

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