Set of Cases for KING Flipchart and Paper Pads

Produced in a soft dark brown technical nylon fabric, these elegant and comfy cases are very resistant.
They are designed to move the KING Flipchart and the Paper Pads in a comfortable and prestigious way.

245.00 + VAT*

VAT only for EU B2C

The elegant SET of BAGS to carry your KING board and the paper pads.

The production is carried out by a Genoese artisan laboratory, just 18 miles from our headquarters.
The cases are lined with nylon fabric in a bright orange color and are closed with zippers.
They have no padding and therefore do not perform the function of packaging.
Although they are designed to move the products in a comfortable and prestigious way, if you’ll need to ship your KING somewhere, protect it with a suitable packaging like the one we use for our supply.

With this set you get

The KING Flipchart’s Bag
The bag for paper pads
The pouch for your markers (the markers are not included)

These CARRY CASES are part of the KING EXCLUSIVE set.

Here’s what our German customer THEA BROCKMEYER says:

“I built KING up in 5 minutes, I know many fipcharts but this was so easy to build and it’s stable.
The cases look so stylish like Italian handbags!
So now I can travel with my new “Beauty Case” in style!”

KING - Flipchart bag, paper roll bag and pen holder

Set of Cases for KING Flipchart and Paper Pads

245.00 + VAT*

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